"Paul Gerstenfeld combines an incredible knowledge of treatment the hands and upper extremeties, a low key caring "tableside" manner (that often hides a wicked sense of humor and a truly ingenious magic box of tools, equipment and materials to make splints, healing aids, and the like. Paul treated my left carpal tunnel release and ulnar nerve transposition and his excellent occcupational therapy techniques, combined with inviting office spacek, made therapy something I actually looked forward to as a highlight of my week. His care is truly top-notch, and I have recommended several people with hand and upper extremity issues to his good and thorough care.  No one will say that OT is easy, but if you can laugh through the pain yet all the while keep getting better, there's a lot off good things to be said for such great care." -Patient,  Jamie T.

"I went for hand therapy to this location when the business was owned by someone else and I wasn't half as pleased as I am now.  Paul Gerstenfeld, Hands On OT's owner, who is also the hand therapist, is, in fact (no pun intended) totally hands on. Instead of feeling like I was on an assembly line, I now feel more catered to (who doesn't love that?!) by someone who is clearly knowledgeable in his field, and, as importantly, who puts his clients first. That may sound like a cliche, but it's nice to see it in action, especially in the medical field. Hands On OT features a horseshoe-shaped table which Paul moves around with the affable ease of the bartender in "Cheers". He is kind, good-hearted and not just in it for the buck. Instead of dreading my appointments (which I used to do) I actually don't mind going anymore. Since Paul took over the business, they're even kind of fun!" -Patient, Ellen L.

“I looked forward to my visits to Hands On OT as much for the chance to spend time with Paul and Dalia as for the therapy itself. The clinic atmosphere is professional but very friendly and relaxed. I knew I was getting very good care but also the personal interest and attention that is often lacking in busy medical settings." -Patient, Annette G.  

"Can't say enough good things about Paul as a hand therapist and human being!  Thanks to his superb knowledge, encouragement, and expert regimen my hand/wrist is back to normal after not-so-easy surgery involving a titanium plate and a post-surgery complication.  Not only is Paul innovative and supportive, his workplace is welcoming, healing and convenient. Throughout this ordeal,  I actually looked forward to going to therapy twice a week and now that I'm done truly miss him and Dalia." -Patient, Laurie L.  

"Paul and Dalia are two of the most wonderful people you'll encounter! I finished therapy at Hands On OT at the recommendation of Dr. John T. Knight around mid-March. I went for about 6 months for Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, and a small tear in my tendon. I loved every appointment and I can honestly say, I miss seeing Paul and Dalia three times a week. I've been to therapy for my knee in the past, and that experience was not very enjoyable. Paul is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor, so it creates a wonderful atmosphere. And his creativity for creating wrist braces is more than impressive. The brace he made for me allows me to use my hand freely, while feeling supported. Without it, I wouldn't be able to continue working without major pain in my wrist. I can't say enough great things about this place!" -Patient, Anthony D. 

"I was referred to this hand therapy clinic for my post-operative recovery period after having a left ulnar nerve release and transposition. The staff members treat each of their patients with individualized care and respect. Jennifer and Paul are both fantastic occupational therapists who specialize in upper extremity therapy and rehabilitation. They both go above and beyond to ensure their patients regain upper extremity function, mobility and develop decrease pain. The clinic itself is in a chic boutique former beach bungalow setting rather than a sterile medical office. Natalie is an occupational therapy aide who is warm, caring and friendly. Dalia is the office manager and is very accommodating and is always pleasant no matter how many times I change my appointments around my busy schedule. Prior to surgery I went to a different physical therapy clinic at a near by academic center and my appointments would always finish on the dot....not ever a moment over. At Hands On OT, many of my clinic visits and therapy sessions have gone beyond the time allocation, but I have never been rushed out...quite the opposite. Jennifer will take the extra time to introduce additional exercises to facilitate my progression and Paul has taken extra time to introduce bio feedback to help me increase my elbow range of motion. The Hands On OT team always provides innovative, empathetic and personable care in a boutique clinic setting. This is hands down, the best upper extremity OT clinic in Los Angeles." -Patient, Uyen T.